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What We Inspect

Which Major Components Are Inspected?


  • Structure
  • Roofing
  • Exterior
  • Electrical
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Insulation/Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Interior
  • Appliances
  • Fireplaces/Woodstoves


"Why Inspect Before You Buy?"

If you are like most homebuyers a set of search criteria were established for a new house that probably had two components to it. The first component, or must have, was with regards to affordability, great location, and accessibility to parks, excellent schools, and shopping. The second component was to find a house that met all your needs in terms of the style of house, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage space, and lot size that would make you comfortable.

After looking at countless houses, and possibly driving the kids and family crazy, your search has finally ended and you have found the house of your dreams. Congratulations! Clearly the purchase of the house will likely be the largest single purchase that you make in your lifetime. A house is more than the sum of its parts. It is the place where you will create dreams, raise kids, and spend quality time with friends, and family. In addition to being your home, it may also be a component in your retirement plan, nest egg for the future, and legacy to your children. Clearly this investment is as much emotional as financial.

Because the decision to buy a house can be so emotionally charged, it can be easy to overlook systems that are not functioning properly, need repair, or are not in harmony with other parts of the property. Missed problems or things that we shrugged our shoulders to as no big deal can turn your dream home into a nightmare. A professional independent assessment of the property will enable you to learn a great deal about the home, answer some important questions, and help give you a peace of mind.

Whether you are a first time buyer or an old pro, it is important to surround yourself with a trusted team of Realtors, Lenders, Title Companies, and Home Inspectors. Having the right team will make the purchase go smoothly and remove much of the unnecessary anxiety. Conducting a home inspection before you complete the sale will give you the confidence and assurance that your house will be exactly what you were hoping for Your Dream Home.

How The Inspection Begins?

The inspection of your home begins the moment we park on the street in front of the home. Our trained inspectors are keeping a watchful eye out for the condition of the sidewalks, drives, and walkways looking for any potential trip hazards, stains which could indicate leaking plumbing or root damage. Landscaping is also closely scrutinized to ensure that there are no immediate threats from tree limbs striking the home or pulling down utility wires. The focus of the inspection is to first and foremost make sure the home is safe for you and your family.

How Long Will the Inspection Take?

A typical 1500 SQFT home takes roughly two and a half hours to inspect. A House to Home does not believe in rushing through it's inspections. We will take as long as necessary to provide you with an exceptional quality report.

The Home Inspection Report

The Home inspection report that you receive will be a complete, thorough, and professional assessment of the current condition of the property. In addition, areas of concern will be clearly identified so that the appropriate repairs can be completed if you choose to do so. It is highly recommended that these repairs are completed by a qualified contractor as failure to due so could create an unsafe condition, or greatly increase the cost of repair later down the road.

A House to Home Property Inspection utilizes InspectIt ReportPro reporting software that is the most sophisticated computer generated home inspection report on the market. You will receive a detailed check box/narrative report of our findings. Unlike narrative only reporting, the check box/narrative format allows for more detail and specifics to be included. It is also designed to systematically take the inspector through the home to ensure that nothing is missed. Another fantastic feature of our inspection report is that pictures are included in areas of specific concern within that section of the report, say electrical, or plumbing for example. Having such a complete report allows you to locate the concern on your own, if you could not attend the inspection, or allows your contractor to quickly locate the problem saving him time and you money.

Do not be fooled by inspectors that say they provide a 30 plus page report. It is not the number of pages, or boxes checked in a report, but the quality of the content. A House to Home Property Inspection report will be thorough, complete, and in simple English, not tech talk. In addition the report will be as long or short as it takes to accurately communicate the condition of the home.

When Will I Get The Report?

A House to Home Property Inspection's goal is to deliver the report within 24 hours of doing the inspection. The report is presented in a professional PDF electronic format. On-Site report generation is also available. In addition, hard copies are available in a high quality thee ring binder upon request, or can be downloaded directly from our web page. You let us know how you'd like to receive the report and we will deliver!

Regardless if the report is done on-site, delivered in person, by mail, or delivered electronically, a review of the findings is always completed before we leave the property. No unexpected delays or anxiety wondering what is in the report. It's all part of our dedication to customer satisfaction.

View our sample report, it will walk you through the process. This report could be yours.

A House to Home Inspection Rates:

1000-1499 SQFT:    $350
1500-1999 SQFT:    $375
2000-2499 SQFT:    $400
2500-2999 SQFT:    $425
3000-3499 SQFT:    $450
3500-3999 SQFT:    $475
4000-4499 SQFT:    $525
5000+ SQFT:           Call for Quote 951-660-7616

Pre 1960 homes add $25.00. Crawl space add $25.00.
Casitas and outbuildings are additional.                                                                        
Prices subject to change without notice.                                                                             Trip charge may apply.

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