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Sample Home Inspection Report and Fees

Our comprehensive inspection reports are easy to read and understand.  Areas of concern are photographed and clearly identified in the summary page. Professionalism and unbiased evaluations are part of every home inspection we conduct.



Our prices are based on the specifics of your new home such as square footage of the house, age, slab or raised foundation construction, and addiditional features of the property such as pools and spas, out buildings, and barns.

The reality is that a quality home inspection is truly priceless and provides piece of mind.  Pat, the owner of A House to Home, understands that moneys can be tight in this difficult economy, but please don't let saving a few dollars on a "bargain inspection" out weigh the quality and value of A House to Home inspection. There really is a difference!

The best approach is to find a thorough, experienced, and qualified home inspector that will provide an easy to read report.  It's that simple.  A defect missed by using that "bargain inspector" today is not worth the frustration and cost of unexpected repairs in the future. 

Here's why you should choose A House to Home Property Inspection:        Pat's quality consistently exceeds the standards of practice set by The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and most importantly your  expectations.

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